Privacy best practices

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When working with employee information, there can be sensitive issues that come up. Set up private teams and Invite-only teams to keep things secure.

Private teams

atSpoke has the ability to make teams private. This means people who are not a part of that team cannot view the requests or edit the knowledge resources for that team. If you're working on an HR team, chances are that your communications (and your team) should be private.

Invite-only teams

Teams can be joined at any time, unless they have been made "invite-only." To prevent users from joining teams they're not a part of, make the team "Invite only."

Both of these options are enabled by navigating to the expanded team view. Select Teams, then choose which team you'd like to edit, select the "..." icon to show options, and click edit team.

Select Edit from the menu and scroll down to settings.

  1. Turn On the toggle for Invite Only - This means users will need to be invited to join the team and hold requests assigned to the team.
  2. Turn On the toggle for Request Privacy - This means all requests assigned to this team will automatically be made private.

Select Save team.

Now, all requests assigned to this team are only visible to users on this team, and the person making the request.

Check out our article on how to create private requests for more information.

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