Automate repetitive requests

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Consistent requests like ordering and stocking snacks can be a chore. Keep the shelves (and bellies) full, by automating these procedures!

Each week Zapier will create an atSpoke request at the same day & time. This request includes ordering information for the week, and a timestamp. atSpoke will then notify channel members that the ordering window is open.

First, add a trigger:

Search Zapier for "Scheduler by Zapier." Choose if you'd like to receive this request every week, or every month. Select the date and time of the week you want to trigger your request.

At atSpoke, we place a supply order once a week. So for this example, we will use the "Every Week" trigger.

Choose the day and time you want the request to be triggered

Next, add an action:

Search for atSpoke, and select "File Request." Then if you haven't already, connect your atSpoke account to Zapier.

Fill in the template using items from Step 1 such as the ordering date . Give instructions on ordering procedure, complete with login and password information if applicable.

Tip: Add the "Pretty date" field to the subject of the request to timestamp each order


Make sure to test your Zap and confirm that requests are being created and assigned to the team by Zapier.

If you're looking to do something more complex, check out our API documentation!

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