Gitlab integration

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Some teams prefer to track issues in Gitlab. Integrate atSpoke with Gitlab to push requests directly to teams working in Gitlab. No more context switching, or juggling multiple logins!


  1. Click Settings
  2. Select the Integrations Menu
  3. Scroll to the Project Management section and select Connect on the GitLab card
  4. In GitLab, enter your Username or Email
  5. Complete the Authorization by clicking Sign in. You will be returned to atSpoke
  1. Select which Teams you'd like to be able to access the integration
  2. Choose which actions these teams should be able to execute
  3. Click Update

Sending Requests to GitLab

  1. In the request you'd like to push to GitLab , select the Bolt icon
  2. From the dropdown choose GitLab
  3. Select the action you'd like to take.
  4. Select which project you'd like to push the request into
  5. Choose Create

One you have successfully pushed the requests to GitLab, you will see "Moved this request to GitLab" as well as the request locked to prevent any further editing.

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