Unassigned requests

Updated 2 months ago by Andrew White

atSpoke will always try to route new requests to the right team. 

If atSpoke doesn't know who should get the request, it'll show up in the Unassigned tab and wait for you to assign it to the right team member or handle it yourself. 

Please note: Public unassigned requests are visible to all team members and admins, regardless if they are a member of that team. Private unassigned requests are only visible to those on that respective team.

Subscribe to unassigned

To stay on top of unassigned requests, you have the option to subscribe to the unassigned request inbox. Each team member that subscribes to unassigned will be sent an email notification that a request is waiting for attention.

To subscribe for notifications:

  1. Select the "Unassigned" folder 
  2. Set the Subscribe option to "ON"

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