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Teams have different working styles and different communication channels which they prefer. Integrate with Microsoft Teams to leverage atSpoke across all of your channels!

In atSpoke, only Admins have permissions to set up our Integrations. For this integration, a Microsoft Teams Global Admin is required for setup.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Integrations tab
  3. Find the Microsoft Teams tile and click Connect

The connection is established over Oauth. You will be directed to your Microsoft Teams instance. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to confirm your credentials. Once your credentials have been confirmed, you will be returned to the atSpoke app.

Add atSpoke to your instance

To begin using atSpoke with Microsoft Teams, You'll need to add the app from the Microsoft Teams App store.

  1. Choose apps on the left sidebar
  2. Search for atSpoke
  3. Choose the atSpoke tile then choose Add

Using atSpoke

After adding the atSpoke app, you can DM the bot to get quick answers and file requests. If atSpoke is confident in the answer, you will receive a relevant knowledge base resource in reply. If atSpoke needs additional information, it will help you file a request and auto-triage it to the appropriate team and agent.

Getting answers

If atSpoke knows the answer to your question, it'll immediately surface the relevant knowledge base resource. You can read a tailored resource snippet or click on the resource card to view it entirely in atSpoke.

Creating requests

If atSpoke doesn't contain a knowledge base resource that answers your question, simply click "This doesn't help" and atSpoke will find a human to help. You'll be asked to fill out a few supplementary questions and atSpoke will automatically triage your request to the appropriate team and agent.

Once you've filed a request, you can easily add new replies, edit submitted answers and complete any assigned tasks/approvals all from within Teams.


Team's default notification settings notify you when you receive an update from the atSpoke bot. You can customize your notification preferences in Teams by clicking into Settings > Notifications:

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