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Teams are a crucial part of using atSpoke. When a user submits a request, atSpoke will start by attempting to assign the request to a Team.  As a part of setup, we have created your first team. This guide will help create additional teams for your organization.

Please note: Teams can only be created by Admins

Navigate to the "teams" tab on the left; then click the "Add Team" button located in the top right of the page. Click Add Team for a blank template. To create a team from a template select the down carrot carrot. A modal will appear of existing teams. A template will carry over all the information and settings of the established team.

You will need to complete information about the specific team.

  1. Click the downward carrot and select a team icon and color.
  2. Enter your team name 
  3. Enter a url for the team. For example human resources may choose HR
  4. Enter a description of how your team helps others at your company.
  5. Add Members to the team via their name or email

Now you will move on to the Settings for the team

  1. Invite Only - Think of this setting as editing rights for your Knowledge Base (answers) articles. Learn more here.
  2. Request Privacy - Any time a request is assigned to this specific team, it will automatically be set to Private. Learn more here.
  3. Auto-assign - any time a request is assigned to this specific team, it will automatically be assigned to a member of that team. Learn more here.
  4. Assignment Style
    1. Rotate through team members: requests are assigned to team members round-robin.
    2. Based on previous experience: requests are assigned to team members through machine learning based on their expertise.
    3. To a specific user: requests are always assigned to the selected user.
  5. Select "Create Team."

🎉🎉Yay! You've got a new team! 🎉🎉

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