Custom Service Level Agreements

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atSpoke is proud to announce more granular Service Level Agreements on requests! These SLAs live under each team and can help track your team's goals. Here's how to get started.

SLAs are only available to members of our Plus plan.


  1. Select Teams from the sidenav and click into a team you'll be creating an SLA for
  2. Select SLAs
  3. Add a new SLA

Only team members can view a team's SLA tab but any team member or admin change create, edit, or adjust a team's SLAs.

Creating an SLA

Once in the SLA creation window, there are a few things to note. Metric is one of two metrics being tracked: First response time and Resolution time.

We have two options for when an SLA is breached: notifying the request assignee or all team members.

Conditions are the situations a request must have to activate. You can apply this condition to all, assigned, or unassigned requests. A condition must also have a Request Type attached.

Goals are the heart of an SLA. Here we can define how much time may pass before an SLA is triggered. If an SLA is breached, a tag must be applied to that request.

Once you're happy with your new SLA, go ahead and click Create SLA.

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