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Do you use SAP Success Factors for your company's HR tool? Below are 5 frequently asked questions that you can add as Text and Link KB article.

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Title: Company ID 
 Your Company ID is a short string of characters or an abbreviation—like a "username" for your company. All users at your company share the same Company ID. Our Company ID is (Enter Company ID here) 

Keywords: Company ID, where can I find the company ID, what is the ID 

Title: Locked out of SuccessFactors 

Description: To reset a locked account you'll need access to the Support Portal, please send (Enter Designated Persons Name) a ticket in atSpoke 

Keywords: Locked out, can’t login, forgot password, SuccessFactors login help

Title: Why do I need a Company ID 

 The SuccessFactors login page appears in one of two possible formats: one that asks for a Company ID and one that doesn't. 
If asked, you are required to supply a Company ID in order to access the system. If you are not asked for a Company ID on the login page, it's because the Company ID was included in the link you used to get to the page. We recommend that you Bookmark the page or add it to your browser's Favorites list, so that you never need to remember your company ID.

Keywords: Why do I need this, Company ID needed, Why do I need a Company ID 

Title: Never received reset password link 

 There are several reasons why you might not have received an email:

  • The email may be caught in your spam folder. Please check it to see if you've received the email.
  • You may have entered your username or email address incorrectly. Please check the spelling and try again.
  • You may have entered an email address that we don't have on record or that we haven't associated with your account. Every SuccessFactors account has only one primary email address associated with it. If you have multiple email addresses, please try a different one.
  • In some cases, for technical or security reasons, we cannot confirm your identity and authorization to access the system.

Keywords: reset password, never received, where is the link

Description: Each Company has a unique link to login to SuccessFactors (Enter link here) 

Keywords: Login link, how do I login to SuccessFactors, Login page 

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