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Sometimes you’re handed a request that you just can’t take action on. And sometimes you’re blocked waiting on a colleague to get back to you. In both cases, it’s annoying to have those requests mixed in with ones that are actively in flight. Not to mention the fact that your ticket resolution metrics will be inaccurate.

  • When a request is set to pending, the time spent in pending state will not factor into average resolution time.
  • Requests you set to pending are moved out of your Inbox and into Pending tab.
  • Requesters are not sent a notification when a request is put into Pending state.


To mark a request as pending, choose the downward arrow to the right of the Done button. Select Mark as pending.

In this case, Katharine's new computer can't be ordered until Finance completes Budget approvals at the end of the month. To account for this, the request is changed to pending status until Finance has completed process, and this request is unblocked.

While end users are not notified of a status change a user who logs into the web app will still be able to see their request is in pending status.

Viewing pending requests

When a request is set to pending, it's moved to a separate Pending tab within your folders. Notice the count next to each state. This shows how many requests are set to pending or open.

Pending requests will be denoted with a yellow bar on the left of the request, and a Pending tag beneath the request subject

When receiving a high volume of requests, you may need to filter to find what you need. Choose to view requests by status, or click the filter button to reveal new filters

  • All - All request statuses
  • Open - Only view open requests
  • Pending - Only view requests marked as pending
  • Done - Only view requests marked as done.

By choosing Pending only the requests with a Pending status will show.

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