Adding and editing tasks on requests

Updated 2 years ago by Fazila Malik

Request Types are a great way to address repetitive workflows in your requests. We understand that the exact workflow will not be the same every time and there are instances when users need to add a one-off task to the request, or make a change to a typical task in a request type. We want to make sure that our tasks are as fluid as you need them to be.

Adding a new task

In the expanded Request View, click on Tasks. Here you will be able to Add a Task, describe the task, and add a due date and assignee if needed. Click the ✔️ and it will be added to your workflow.

Editing existing tasks

When a user with edit permissions hovers over a task, a gray background will appear behind the task text with a remove icon to the right. Clicking the task will allow you to edit the text. The remove icon will then be replaced with the ✔️. Your edit is complete.

Removing a task

When you need to remove a task you can hover over the task. The remove icon will appear on the right. Click this and a modal will pop up to confirm.

Only the request assignee will have access to add, edit, and remove a task.

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