SCIM Configuration with Onelogin

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This article will explain how to setup SCIM with Onelogin. Before enabling SCIM, you must first enable SSO. For information on how to enable Single Sign On, read more here.

SSO is available for users on atSpoke's Plus plan.

To turn on SCIM, log into atSpoke. You will need to be an atSpoke admin to make these changes.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click the Integrations tab
  3. Scroll to the SCIM card and click Connect

Confirm you'd like to Enable SCIM to reveal the API token.

Copy the API token to the clipboard. You will need to paste this into Onelogin

Onelogin Configuration

Log into Onelogin as an administrator. Navigate to "Apps" in the top bar, then select "Company Apps"

On the Company Apps screen, select atSpoke from the list of available applications. If you do not see the atSpoke application in this list, SAML SSO is not enabled for your atSpoke org. To fix this, check out our article on SSO here

Once you have selected atSpoke from the list of apps, click on the "Configuration" tab to enter your API key.

  1. Confirm your atSpoke OrgID - (do not enter the full
  2. Enter "Authorization:" then paste the API Key you copiedfrom atSpoke
  3. Click "Enable" - once atSpoke is integrated, Status will change to "Enabled"
  4. Click "Save" to save the configuration

Provisioning Settings

  1. Navigate to the "Provisioning" Menu.
  2. Select the Checkbox next to "Enable Provisioning"
  3. Deselect the boxes next to "Check User", "Delete User" , "Update User"
  4. Select "Save"

Navigate back to atSpoke to confirm the connection. Click on the SCIM Card in the Integrations tab. The connection was successful if you only receive the option to "Disable SCIM"

Assigning the App

To assign to a single user, navigate to "Users" then "All users" in the top menu

Select which user you would like to grant access to atSpoke. Within the user profile, select the "Applications" tab.

Next, select the "+" in the top right to add a new app for this user.

Select the application from the dropdown and select "Continue."

Update the login information for this user, then select "Save"

This user now has access to atSpoke via Onelogin! You will see a green "Provisioned" next to the user's name.

SCIM can be used to update the following attributes
  • Display name
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Joined teams
  • Manager name
  • Manager email
  • Employee Type
  • Location
  • Department
  • Start Date

Assigning the App in Bulk

To assign to a single user, navigate to "Users" then "All users" in the top menu

On the "All users" screen select the "More Actions" dropdown. From the dropdown select "Bulk Operations"

Choose which users you would like to assign by completing the form

To activate all users with default permissions

  • select "Default" from the Role dropdown
  • Select "Activate and Send invite" from the Operations Dropdown
  • Select "Continue" Verify this action in the next modal.

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