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When working on dozens of projects and requests, keeping them all straight can be difficult. Few things are worse than scrolling through endless screens of requests, looking for the request you need. Now, Team members and Administrators can create tags to help triage their queue.

It's important to note that Tags are only visible to Admins and Team members, but not requesters

Create a Tag

  1. Select Settings
  2. choose the Requests tab
  3. Select Tags from the inset menu on the left
  4. Enter the name of the tag which you’d like to create and choose Add Tag

Adding Tags to a request

To add a tag to a single request, Open the request you'd like to tag, and from the right side choose Add tag…

Choose which tag(s) you would like to add to the request.

You can remove tags from a request, by choosing the X next to the tag you'd like to remove.

Tag in bulk

Select specific requests by hovering over the user avatar on the left hand side. Once you have selected the requests you’d like to tag, select the downward arrow next to X requests selected

Choose Add tag

From the resulting dropdown, choose the tag you’d like to add.

Once you have selected the first tag, these same requests remain selected, so you can easily add additional tags.

Editing Tags

To edit the name of a tag, select the pencil icon and enter the new tag name in the field.

Choose the Checkmark to save your change. You can also change the color of the Tag by choosing the pencil inside the colored box on the left.

Changing Tag color

Hover your mouse over the color swatch on the left to reveal a pencil icon.

Choose the new color you’d like the Tag to show.

Deleting Tags

Hover your mouse over the tag you’d like to delete, then choose the Garbage Icon. This deletes the Tag.

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