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Many admins manage separate inboxes for external communications. Not only does this require context switching between inboxes, it requires tons of manual work to keep track of all of the threads. Keep everything in atSpoke, and make sure none of your requests fall through the cracks!

External email support is for users in our Business and Enterprise plans.

Helping external users

All requests created by external users will have a yellow banner at the top of the request to remind team members they're working with an external user.

You are also able to view the External banner without even expanding the request.

When responding to requests from external users, you may need to attach documentation or information to your reply.

Any files that are sent to external users will not be added to the knowledge base.

Blocking Spam

If the external email which mailed in is Spam, or a bad actor, use the Block button to refuse further messages from that specific user.

You can also Block users without expanding a request. Simply choose the ... on the right side then choose Block user

Please note that once a user is blocked, they cannot be unblocked without the help of atSpoke support.

Viewing external users

  1. Choose the Settings tab
  2. Then select Users
  3. From the All users dropdown select External users

Once you have sorted for External users, you have the option to Invite and block each external user.

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