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Do you use BambooHR for your company's HR tool? Below are 5 frequently asked questions that you can add as a Text KB article.

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Title: Chrome Extension for BambooHR 


  1. Click here to navigate to the Chrome extension store 
  2. Click +Add Chrome. In the popup box, confirm you’d like to add the extension 

Note: You can now search for basic employee information with this extension 

Keywords: Chrome extension, add Chrome, BambooHR chrome, how to add extension

Title: Reset BambooHR Password 


  1. Click Forgot Password, BambooHR will send you an email 
  2. Within the email click the Reset Your Password link
  3. Reset password, you will then be automatically logged into BambooHR 

Keywords: Locked out, new password, can’t access BambooHR 

Title: Project Future Time-Off Balance


  1. Hover over the time off type, a calculator will appear 
  2. Fill in details accordingly. You can then calculate the amount of PTO you’ll accrue in the future 

Keywords: Calculate PTO, accrual, PTO balance

Title: Update/Cancel Time-off Request 


  1. Navigate to the Time Off tab 
  2. Select Vacation, then show history 
  3. On the right hand side you’ll see a Earned/Used and Requested tab, click to tab to Used and Requested
  4. Click on the Status link of the request you’d like to change 
  5. Edit the entry and click Save or Cancel Request

Keywords: Change PTO days, Canceled trip, Not taking PTO, Updating time off

Title: Add Dependents


  1. Click the My Info tab
  2. Click the Benefits tab 
  3. Scroll down and click Add Dependant 
  4. Enter dependents information, then click Save 

Note: You can now view/edit your dependents in this benefits tab 

Keywords: Health insurance, update benefits, adding dependents, benefits in BambooHR, baby, child, kid, wife 

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