Google Chat integration

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atSpoke works best where you work. Use this guide to connect Google chat and begin asking questions.

Set up

To integrate Google Chat for your team

  1. In atSpoke, navigate to Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Under Google Chat, click Connect
  4. Input your Customer ID and Click Connect to Google Chat

Locate customer Id

  1. Log into your Google Admin account
  2. Navigate to the home page for Google Admin
  3. Select Account settings
  4. In account settings you will find your Customer Id

Connect the atSpoke bot

  1. Connect the atSpoke bot to your Google workspace
  2. Select Message
  3. You can also add the atSpoke bot directly to a conversation or room in google chat
    1. Select '+' and Find a Bot
  4. Search for atSpoke and add for messaging

Get a quick answer

Ask atSpoke a questions and it will find you the answer in the knowledge base. Train atSpoke by selecting This helps or This doesn't help.

If you select "This doesn't help" then you will be prompted to file a request

Creating a request

If atSpoke doesn't contain a knowledge base resource that answers your question, you will be asked if you would like to File a request. A ticket will be created and can be viewed in the web app. Select the ticket number or View Request to be taken directly to the request.

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