Azure AD - SCIM provisioning

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Read below to learn how to setup SCIM with Azure AD. Before enabling SCIM, you must first enable SSO. For information on setting up SAML with Azure AD read here.

For general information on SAML Single Sign On, read more here.


Begin by opening the atSpoke app in Azure AD. Choose the Provisioning menu

Change the provisioning mode to Automatic

To turn on SCIM, log into atSpoke. You will need to be an atSpoke admin to make these changes.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click the Integrations tab
  3. Scroll to the SCIM card and click Connect

Confirm you'd like to Enable SCIM to reveal the API token.

Copy the API token to the clipboard. You will need to paste this into Azure AD.

In the Tenant URL field enter your atSpoke URL followed by /SCIM/V2

For example:

Press Test Connection

If the connection is successful, press Save at the top of the screen. You can verify the connection is successful by logging into atSpoke. Navigate to Settings > Integrations again and click the SCIM card.

If you are only given the option to disable SCIM, your setup has been correctly enabled!

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