Invite-only teams

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You can adjust how much access each team in atSpoke will allow for each member of your organization, from within team permissions. 

Why would you want to make your team invite-only?

  1. ​To make sure that auto-assigned questions are sent to the right agent on the team​​
  2. To stop other users from editing the team's KB articles
  3. ​To ensure that only team members can view requests that should be private

Navigate to Teams, then choose the team you'd like to edit. On the team details page, click Edit in the top right

From the popup, select the settings menu. This will show the preferred settings of the selected team; Make sure the toggle under invite only is switched to on.

Invite-only team permissions control two things:

  1. Editing rights of knowledge base (KB) articles associated with that specific team
  2. Ability for employees to join the team

Invite-only teams do not control who can view your KB articles. Everyone in your company can see all of your KB resources if a new request matches the KB item.

For more information on employee permissions, check out our article on Roles in atSpoke

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