PagerDuty integration

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Integrate atSpoke with PagerDuty to help with incident management. Create incidents directly from atSpoke!

In PagerDuty

Begin by Logging into your PagerDuty account

  1. Navigate to Configuration
  2. Click API Access
  3. Click Create API Key
    1. give your API Key a description (E.g. atSpoke API Key), and create the key
    2. You will need this API Key to set up your atSpoke integration, so leave this window open or store the API Key somewhere safe

Next, Open a new window and navigate to your atSpoke URL

In atSpoke

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose the Integrations menu
  3. Scroll until you find the Operations Management section
  4. On the PagerDuty tile, click Connect
  5. Enter in the API key from PagerDuty
  6. Enter the email address of a PagerDuty Admin who holds permissions to create an incident.
    1. All incidents will show as being triggered by this Admin through the API
  7. When complete, select Connect to PagerDuty
  8. Choose a Team and an Escalation policy for that Team
  9. Click Update Integration

Creating an Incident in atSpoke

Begin by opening the ticket which contains the incident you need to trigger

  1. Choose the Bolt icon in the upper right
  2. Select PagerDuty
  3. Click Create an Incident
  4. Choose which Escalation policy should be used
  5. Select the Service which is impacted
  6. Edit the title of the request
  7. When you are finished choose Create, then confirm you'd like to create an incident.

You will see the incident which you created at the bottom of the request. Click on the Incident number from the center of the ticket pane to be taken to the PagerDuty incident which was just created.

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