Flag KB resources for review

Updated 1 year ago by Andrew White

Sometimes a KB resource gets outdated, details change, or it just plain isn't right. When that happens, users can flag it for review. 

To flag a resource for review

  1. Select the three dots in the upper right of the card to reveal flag for review
  2. Choose a reason from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter any additional information.

Once flagged by a user, the resources will show up as flagged in your KB. You can filter to show all your flagged resources at once, to quickly update outdated items.

Finding flagged articles:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge tab
  2. Click the Filters button
  3. Turn on the flagged toggle to only view resources that have been flagged for review.

Deprecated resources

If one user marks a knowledge article for review, atSpoke will still use it to answer requests. 

If a resource is flagged twice, it gets marked as deprecated. atSpoke will stop using that resource until it's been reviewed

Use the update now button to quickly fix it.

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