Step-by-step guides in the knowledge base

Updated 1 year ago by Andrew White

There are times it's easier to show someone step-by-step, rather than explain the whole process.

atSpoke now supports images, and text in the same knowledge resource, allowing you to show, rather than tell! This allows you to create step by step guides using screenshots, diagrams, or .gifs!

To Begin

  1. Navigate to the knowledge base
  2. Select "Add Resource"

Enter the Knowledge base title and add your first step.

To add your image, select the image icon on the right side of the text editor. You will be prompted to choose a file.

Once you have chosen an image, enter text to create the next step.

Repeat this process to complete the guide.

When you are finished, make sure to file the knowledge under the correct team, then select Add.

You must select a team in order to add the KB source. This allows for streamlining the organization of your knowledge base.

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