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Integrations support action tasks, which allow you to trigger any third-party action as a task on a request.

Only Admins can view, enable, configure, edit, and disable Integrations


We've enabled specific actions for each integration that can be toggled on or off.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on an integration tile
  • Select the Teams you want this integration to be available for
  • Select the Actions you want to be available

Adding action tasks to Request Types

Navigate to Request Types to add action tasks to workflows. When editing tasks in a request type, there are now three options:

  • Add a task, for adding a traditional task
  • Add an approval task, for adding tasks that require an approval
  • Integration icons, for adding a task that triggers an action within an integrated third-party app

Click on an integration and a menu with the list of enabled tasks will open.

Selecting an action adds it to the list of tasks. You can rename the task and make any other task-related changes.

Action tasks on requests

Action tasks are displayed just like any other task, but with the checkbox replaced by a similarly-sized button with the integration logo.

To trigger or run an action task: click on the logo, fill out any necessary information and click run.

Information pulled from third-party application are only visible to the user who ran the action. We privatize all action responses, but indicate the action was ran.

Action tasks across channels

Action tasks can be triggered from Slack or the web app so you'll never have to pivot to complete workflows in third-party applications. You'll be notified in Slack similar to a traditional task action. Click Run Task in Slack to kickoff the third-party action:

Similar to the in-app experience, running third-party action will open a modal to ask for additional information. Enter the information and click Run.

Once you've completed the task, you'll receive a threaded update in Slack.

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