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In this article we will show an example of how to create a workflow for Application Access.

Create a Workflow

  1. Navigate to Workflows
  2. Click Create workflow

From the Workflow Editor

  1. Select an icon
  2. In the Name field enter: Application access
  3. In the Description field enter: Requesting access to an application
  4. For Team: Select which team will manage the workflow request
  5. For Audience: Select audience based on segmentation
  6. Mark as done automatically: This will close the request when all fields and tasks are complete. Once fields and tasks have been added to the workflow a selection can be made, Workflows without any tasks or fields cannot be closed automatically.
Audience segmentation is available on Enterprise plans

Add fields

  1. Text: name the field that will appear in the form for users, here I will write "Application"
  2. Type: Options are text, date or time, and dropdown. For this example we will select dropdown.
  3. Custom options: Here you can select a list from configuration items. For this example I chose "applications" that is a list we have synced from Okta
  4. Assigned to: indicate who is responsible for completing this field, in this case the requester
  5. Required: Mark whether this field is required to submit a request
Adding a second field
  1. Text: Here we will write "Reason"
  2. Type: Select Text, this will allow for a free text response
  3. Assigned to: the requester is responsible for answering
  4. Required: Mark whether this field is required to submit a request

Adding an additional field will implement logic into the Workflow. "Indicate to always show this field"

Add Tasks

  1. Text: Name the task that is to be completed
  2. Indicate the task type, here it is "Approval task"
  3. Assign this task to the requesters manager
  4. Due date: Indicate a delivery date if applicable
  5. Required: Mark whether this field is required to resolve the request
Logic in Approval Tasks
  1. Select the Logic tab to view options for task conditions
  2. Select "only show this task if"
  3. Select "Application" which is a field from the Workflow
  4. Select the condition that will require manager approval. In this example manager approval will only be required if "not in configuration list"
  5. Indicate which configuration list this condition applies for. Here is is "self-service applications"

With the conditions selected, a task has been created that manager approval for application access is only required if the application request is not in the self-service configuration list.

Add an an action task

Once the manager approves the task it is time to run an action. Select Add task.

  1. Text: "Okta-assign app"
  2. Type: Select the type from list list of Okta actions that are integrated with atSpoke
  3. Collect information from the request, here we need the "Requester email"
  4. Collect information from the fields, for this request we will need the "Application" name that the requester wants access to
  5. This task can be run automatically, or leave this off and choose to have it run manually by an agent
  6. Assigned to: if you are running an automated action this default to be assigned to atSpoke.
  7. Indicate a due date
  8. Indicate whether or not this task is required to resolve the ticket.
Logic in action task
  1. Select Only show this task if
  2. Select any to allow the action to run in Okta is either of the conditions are true
  3. Add a condition for Manager Approval being completed
  4. Add a condition that the action can run if the "Application" is "in configuration list" of "self-service applications"

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