Add new Slack users to atSpoke

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Want to make sure that no new employee is left behind? This Slack-atSpoke integration enables you to effortlessly invite new users to atSpoke when they join your company's Slack.

Trigger - Slack

Begin by logging into Zapier and searching for Slack.

Choose “New user” as the trigger. This means that each time a new user is added to your Slack workspace, this workflow will trigger.

The user will not receive an atSpoke invitation until they open the email invitation from Slack

Next, Select "+Add a step" and search for atSpoke

Action - atSpoke

Select “Invite User” as the action. This means that each time a new user is added to Slack, atSpoke will also invite that user automatically. Select "Save + Continue"

In this section, it's important to use the "Profile Email" from step 1 in the email field. This ensures that each time a new user is added, they receive the email.

Make sure your Zap is toggled to "On"

Test your Zap, and you're ready to start your automated onboarding!

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