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atSpoke is excited to release our Chrome extension, to allow you to make an atSpoke request and view popular KB's from any new Chrome tab!


The extension can be downloaded from here. This link allows users to install directly on their own machine.

Companywide installation

To install the app for a group of users or Chrome browsers, put the user accounts or browsers into an organizational unit. Then, turn on Chrome management for the organizational unit to which they belong.

Installing an app across a group of browsers requires gsuite administrator permissions

  1. Login to google admin console
  2. from the Admin console Home page, go to Devices > Chrome management.
  3. Click Apps & extensions.
  4. On the left, select the organizational unit where you want to configure settings. For all users, select the top-level organization. Otherwise, select a child organization. Initially, an organizational unit inherits the settings of its parent.
  5. At the top, click Users & Browsers or Managed Guest Sessions.
  6. Search for atSpoke (The app you want to automatically install)
  7. Under Installation policy, choose Force install or Force install + pin.
  8. Click Save.


This functionality is available from any open browser tab. Use the center request bar to make a request. Enter your request in the bar, then press Enter or Return to create a request.

Below the request bar, you will find commonly used request types. Click the request type to open a request using that request type.

Below the Request types, you can view popular knowledge base resources. Click Show another to bring up another knowledge base resource.

To view or edit your atSpoke profile, click on your avatar in the top left to be taken into atSpoke.

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