Posters: atSpoke is launched!

Updated 8 months ago by Andrew White

Here are some posters you can print out and hang up around the office to show what atSpoke can do! 

We find these help with launch, and with spreading the good news! Select the title above each photo to make your own 'Be-atSpoke' versions!

atSpoke is launched!

Download our poster package and customization instructions here!

Can I get a new Keyboard?

Do we offer Gym memberships?

What's the WiFi Password?

How do I find an NDA?

Where can I sign up for Benefits?

Do we have an employee referral program?

Slack Specific

If your staff needs a gentle reminder to atSpoke, or you want to get launched with atSpoke on the right foot, pass out this reminder to post on requester's desks or pin it in a public Slack channel.

Download our Slack reminder here

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