Training: early adopters

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The best way to get started with atSpoke is to use a multi-channel approach.

Early adopters are a small group of individuals who may love trying out new tools and have influence amongst their peers. They will be the ones on the ground spreading the word about atSpoke and showing others how to use it. The goal is to leverage learnings from this meeting to ensure a successful launch.

This meeting is not intended to predict adoption rates within your company.

In 30 minutes you can accomplish three main things:

  1. Understand the workflows required from both requesters and team members.
  2. Train a small group of people to show their peers how to ask atSpoke questions, rather than asking you.
  3. Collect questions, train atSpoke, and add to your knowledge base.

What will you ask of them?

  • Join a quick training about atSpoke where they can help you get set up by asking atSpoke questions they typically send your way.
  • Spread the word when you launch.
  • Provide feedback on the tool and new process

Who should you ask?

  • New employees - who better to help you ask questions, then employees that need the answers now!
  • Employees that are respected and well liked by their peers - they're approachable and are often turned to for advice and quick questions, use their influence at the company to help you launch.

As these questions roll in, you can train atSpoke by adding answers directly to them. We call this Pre-Seeding the KB

Here is a presentation template you can use for the meeting.

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