Asana integration

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Asana is a project management application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

Only Admins can view, enable, configure, edit, and disable Integrations


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose the Integrations menu
  3. Scroll to Project Management section
  4. On the Asana tile, click Connect

Connection is established via OAuth. You'll be redirected to Asana to log in and grant access to atSpoke to make changes.

  1. Once authorized, you'll need to select at least one atSpoke team. The teams selected can push requests to Asana from any request filed under this team.
  2. Once enabled, Admins can either disable or edit the connection to add or remove atSpoke teams directly from the Integrations tab under Settings. 

Creating a task in atSpoke

Begin by opening the request you'd like to push to Asana:

  1. Choose the Bolt icon in the upper right
  2. Select Asana
  3. Click Create task
  1. Enter the Assignee (we'll pre-populate the atSpoke's assignee's email, but it can be changed if necessary)
  2. Select the Asana project you'd like it to live under from the dropdown menu
  3. When you are finished choose Create, then confirm you'd like to create a task in Asana
When a request is pushed to Asana, we will lock the atSpoke request. This means it can be viewed, but no longer be edited in atSpoke.

You will see the task which you created at the bottom of the request. Click on the link to view the task in Asana.

Mapped fields

When an atSpoke request is created as a task in Asana, we’ll map the following fields:

atSpoke request

Asana task







Request type




Questions & answers




Request link


Comments & updates


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