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​It's easy to navigate your knowledge base in atSpoke. This makes it convenient to check that you don't already have the same information built OR to see if existing knowledge base resources might be outdated

Tip: Assign Knowledge Base resources to a team to help teach atSpoke how to best respond to requests and reassign those resources whenever necessary!

Search or filter resources

Go to the Knowledge tab and select the Filter button in the top left:

Search in the box that appears inside the dropdown menu or select from Team, Author, Source, Type, Review date or Status to find resources faster:

Sort resources

In Knowledge, select the Sort by menu in the top right:

We currently support the ability to sort resources by:

  • Newest: resources that were most recently created or imported
  • Oldest: resources that were least recently created or imported
  • Recently updated: resources that were most recently updated
  • Least recently updated: resources that were most recently updated
  • Most popular: resources that with the highest number of upvotes
  • Least popular: resources that with the fewest number of upvotes

Change KB author

Update the author on any knowledge base resource you have visibility into.

Changing a KB's author is only available to the resource's original author or an admin. The change author selection will be disabled with a tooltip for all other users.

Click the "..." and select "Edit" from your KB list to make changes.

Open the resource modal:

In the bottom left, click into the Author picklist to select a new resource author.

The team selection will be limited to the teams you are part of and the author dropdown is always conditional on the team selection.

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