Autoforward from a Google Workspace

Updated 2 years ago by Andrew White

Your users may be accustomed to sending their questions and requests to an existing Google Group or Gmail account. By forwarding these to atSpoke, you can ensure they get help (even if they don't know they're using atSpoke). 

For Google Groups: 

  1. Navigate to your Google Admin Page and click the three lines on the top left hand side. 
  2. Select Directory-> Groups 
  3. Find the group you are looking for. In this case, we're looking for our HR group. 
  4. Add your atSpoke email as a member. 
  5. Remove your email address by selecting the checkbox next to your name, then select "Remove Members"

For shared inboxes

Begin by logging in as the user.

  1. Navigate to the gear icon in the top right hand corner, then select "Settings"
  2. Select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
  3. Click Add forwarding address and insert the atSpoke general email address OR the specific team you'd like this inbox forwarded to.

Yay! You've forwarded your email to atSpoke and all incoming messages to this inbox will be pushed over to atSpoke for a resolution. 

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