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atSpoke has established a standardized process for handling reports of failure, incidents, and other customer service related concerns.  Requests for support can be initiated by external users, including our customers, third parties, and vendors or our internal personnel.

Should you have a technical or customer service related concern, please use one of the following methods to contact us.


Email us directly at

Live Support

For new support questions you can "Send us a message" to submit support issues. You can also "Continue the conversation" to view replies on an open question.


Support request escalation details

Issues about the features, functions, and operations of the atSpoke Service shall escalate from the reporting party directly to atSpoke Support personnel via one of the contact methods indicated above. 

To facilitate a rapid and accurate response, requests for atSpoke Support should include the following information:

  • Submitted by
  • Date/Time and frequency of the occurrence
  • Complete description of the Issue, including: steps to recreate the problem, if known
  • If the issue affects other users in your organization
  • Any error message texts or screenshots


If you have a critical issue, please include the word "Critical" in the subject and it will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Support case priority and handling

Support cases are assigned a priority level to establish an expected response time and resolution process during atSpoke’s Standard Support hours, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time (California) Monday through Friday.  The expected initial response time may be delayed on US federal holidays or if you send a request outside of the Standard Support hours, it may not be addressed until the following business day.

Priority 1 requests
  • atSpoke Service Outage or Major service item (i.e., frequent or repeating inability to service requests, multiple features malfunctioning or other severe problems exist with the atSpoke Service which impacts Users.)
  • Typical initial response time: Up to 1 hour during Standard Support Hours (see above)
  • Resolution status updates: Minimum each hour in response to any request either via email or atSpoke’s Service Status page.
Other resources will be engaged as required for resolution of Priority 1 Requests.

Priority 2 requests
  • Major functional item (i.e., intermittent “hang,” or performance degradation in the atSpoke Service or issues with third party integrations.)
  • Typical initial response time: 1 to 2 hours during Standard Support Hours (see above), up to 16 hours when contacted outside of the Standard Support Hours.
  • Resolution status updates: Once each weekday (other than scheduled US federal holidays) in response to any request either via email or atSpoke’s Service Status page.


Priority 3 requests
  • Minor functional item (i.e., minor software defect, use, complaint or operational questions).
  • Typical initial response time: 180 minutes during Standard Support Hours or next weekday (other than holidays) when contacted outside of Standard Support Hours.
  • Resolution status updates: As needed in response to any request.


atSpoke’s primary objective is to ensure that each support case is assigned an appropriate priority level, attentive resources, and timely progress updates to the reporting party. Every reasonable effort will be used to expedite a resolution or stable work around for reported cases, however, it's important to recognize this ability may be limited by one or more external factors. 


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