Creating Fields (Workflows edition)

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Sometimes resolving a request requires additional information. Chasing down a user to find answers is never fun, and often time consuming.

Cut down on back and forth by using atSpoke's request types. Create request types to handle multi-team projects like on-boarding, project kick-offs or hardware requests.

  1. Navigate to Workflows 
  2. Select the Create Workflow. Here, build a custom workflow with fields and tasks.
  3. Select "..." in the top right of the card to edit or duplicate an existing workflow.

Editing a Workflow

These actions are the same whether creating fields from a template, or a completely custom form with fields.

If you need a template for a different team, choose the team from the left side navigation.

Choose an existing workflow from the service catalog. In this case, we chose "Broken hardware." Select the "..." icon and choose Duplicate. An expanded view will open.

In the ride side panel, update the title and description of your request, and choose an icon by selecting the downward arrow in the right corner of the icon box.

To add fields, select "Add Field" from the top left or in the center of the workflow editor. In the Workflow editor the fields from the existing workflow will be listed and you can add a new field or edit an existing one.

Title the field with a question. Then select the type of field from the drop down "Text," "Date," or Dropdown

Choose the field type required:

  • Text (Freeform response) - This allows your users to write short responses to the question. (This field has a limit of 100 characters)

Dropdown form (select one) - This allows you to create a dropdown and a list of choices from which to choose

  1. Custom options allows you to populate a configuration list.
  2. You can also build a list manually with "add option"

Text (Freeform response)

Please note: If you plan to ask questions on Slack, make sure to use 48 characters or less, so the full question will fit into Slack.
  1. Enter the question to be asked.
  2. Select who is assigned to complete the field
    1. Request assignee
    2. Requester
    3. Requester's manager
    4. "A member of...": Select the team who needs to answer the field
    5. "A specific user...": Select a specific user in the organization
  3. Select the toggle to make it a required question to answer to file the request

Once you have entered the question, click outside the window and it will save. Click the "..." to Duplicate or Delete

Custom List
  • Click enter to include multiple options
  • Add the option for Multiple-choice for users to select multiple answers
  • Add Req to make the questions required to file the request
  • Click the red "..." on the right side to duplicate or delete the questions.

Implementing Logic

Logic can be added to fields by applying dependences on another field or task in the workflow.

  1. Always show this field indicates the field will always appear in the workflow
  2. Only show this field if will allow you to set conditions

If you want to select conditions you will need to choose between a field or a task from the menu.

In this example I am creating conditions for the "Address" field to show in the workflow only if "Where should it be sent?" has a value for home.

You can add additional conditions by selecting "Add a condition"

🎉Congratulations!🎉 You've created a Workflow with atSpoke using fields and logic! 

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