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In addition to filtering requests, the filters button also reveals a search bar. Use this field to search the requests. This search indexes the request title, and words in the request.

Request filters

When receiving a high volume of requests, you may need to filter to find what you need. Choose to view requests by status, or click the filter button to reveal new filters

  • All - All request statuses
  • Open - Only view open requests
  • Pending - Only view requests marked as pending
  • Done - Only view requests marked as done.

To filter requests based on other attributes, choose the Filters button and select the filters you'd like to apply.

  1. Team - choose to view only requests assigned to your team.
  2. Type - Choose to view requests of a specific request type
  3. Tag - Choose to view specific tags such as VIP or Urgent
  4. Requester - Choose to view requests created by a specific user
  5. Requester type - Choose the type of requester, Removed, External, or Blocked
  6. Follower - Choose a specific user or users to view only the requests they are following
  7. Assignee - Only view requests assigned to a specific expert
  8. Task Assignee - View requests with Tasks assigned to a specific team member.

Custom filter views

Once you have selected the filters to get the view you'd like, you can choose "Save new list" and name the view to be used again.

Once you have saved a view, it can be accessed beneath the team folder in the left navigation. Notice "My Tasks" which has been saved to show any task that is assigned to me.

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