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Many company projects need help from many departments to reach completion. In the case of Onboarding, a hiring manager can trigger a flurry of activity across the company. Tasks allow admins to keep one request, but assign across different teams.

Building Tasks

  1. Navigate to the "Workflows" page
  2. From the Workflows page, choose the "Create workflow" menu.
  3. Select the red "Add task" in the top left of the screen, or in the center of the workflow editor.

You can create a new workflow with tasks or edit an existing workflow.

  1. Title the task. (for example Manager Approval)
  2. Select the type of task. Custom, Approval, or Action
  3. Assign the task to the relevant user (ex Requester's manager)
  4. Indicate if there is a due date in business minutes or hours.
  5. Select whether or not the step is required to complete the workflow

Choose "+ Add a task" to add another task to the workflow

Task Types

Action tasks are available on Business and Enterprise plans.
  1. Custom task: A task in text format that needs to be completed
  2. Approval task: Must be approved or denied by the assignee
  3. Action task: Trigger an action in a third-party integration

Tasks in the request panel

Tasks can be accessed in the tab in the right sidebar. By clicking on "Tasks" the section will expand to show the status of each task.

Task Due dates

Click the dropdown next to no due date from the dropdown in the expanded request view to add a due date to each Task.

Choose an option from the dropdown, or select custom... to expose the calendar picker.

Once you choose your custom date, the date picker will minimize and show you the tasks again.


Users will be notified when they are assigned to a task and the due date. Additional notifications will be sent the day before, on the day of, and if a task is overdue. Reminders will be sent via email or slack depending on the users notification settings.

Only task assignees, can add or edit tasks - including marking them as complete. Due dates can also be selected in the workflow editor as business minute or business hour for consistency across repetitive processes.

Only the team member assigned to the request can reassign tasks to other users.

Assigning Tasks

When building a workflow you have the option to assign a user for a specific task

  1. Request assignee: the user assigned to respond to the request is tasked with a specific action
  2. Requester: This assigns the task to the person who filed the request.
  3. Requester's manager: This is useful when asking for manager approval of purchases or changes to user access
  4. A member of...: This is used when assigning a task for a specific team
  5. A specific user...: From the resulting dropdown, choose the expert best suited to handle the task at hand in your organization
  6. Leave it unassigned...: The task is not assigned to a specific user

Creating Tasks from the Request panel

Begin by opening the Tasks menu and clicking + Add a task

Type the needed task in the field that is exposed.

Choose the Checkmark on the far right to add the Task once you're finished. For more detailed information of adding tasks in an open request click here. Removing Tasks

To remove a task from a request type, hover to the right of the task to see the Trash icon

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