Approval Tasks (Workflows edition)

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Approvals allow you to create specific tasks within your workflow so that you can submit these easily to a manager or any task assignee for review and sign off. You can now set either single task approvals or sequential approvals in any workflow.

Building Approval Tasks

  1. Navigate to the "Workflows" page from the left side panel.
  2. From the Workflows Details page, choose to either create a new Workflow
  3. You can also add a task by editing an existing Workflow.

For more information on building workflows, check out our article here

Once inside the Request Type edit window, you can begin to add some tasks.

Choose "Add task" and select Approval task.

Enter the approval task that needs to be completed, then assign the task.

Here, you will be given a list of options to assign this task.

  • Request Assignee - The person handling the request has specific action items each time this request is created.
  • Requester - The person filing the request needs to reply with information such as a signed handbook or tax documents.
  • Requester's Manager - If a user's manager needs to approve items such as hardware or software purchases.
  • A Member of... - any member of the chosen team.
  • A Specific user... - a certain subject matter expert is needed to handle the request
  • Leave it unassigned… - List the task as part of the request, but do not assign it to anyone.

For time sensitive approvals, add a due date. This can be by business minute or business hour.

The approval task can also be marked as required to complete the workflow.

Once you have created all the tasks required for the specific request type, make sure to press "Update" and you will receive a toast message that the workflow was published.

Completing Approval Tasks

Completing approval tasks can only be done by the assignee. The request window below shows the approval tasks in action.

Approving or denying a task will change the state of the checkbox.

With logic enabled, this will now surface the next task which is finance approval.

Implementing Logic

  1. Select the Logic tab on the right side panel
  2. Select "Always show this task" or "Only show this task if"
  3. Select the condition you want applied "all" or "any" for multiple tasks in a workflow
  4. For an approval task, you can choose "is approved," "is denied" or "is completed"
  5. Add additional conditions (field or task) for the task to surface in the workflow
Conditions have to already be built in the workflow as a field or task to add logic.

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