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Inviting all your employees has never been easier! Simply upload a .csv file of all your team member's emails to give them access to atSpoke.

Before you begin:

  • Only admin users will be able to import users via .CSV
  • atSpoke supports up to 500 users per import. Have more people? Contact us at

Steps to import users from .CSV:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Users
  3. Click Manage Users  and choose Import CSV

Upload this CSV template with your preferred fields completed

  • Display name
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Manager name
  • Manager email
  • Location
  • Department
  • Start Date

Edit your column mappings or if you're ready, click Import # Users.

If these are new users, make sure to select the toggle in the bottom left, so they all receive invitations.

Importing can take up to 30 seconds; please do not close the window until it is finished. When you are done, you will be redirected to the users page with a message saying "Successfully imported X new users."

CSV tips

  • Make sure that row 1 of your CSV is the header row
  • Make sure that there are no spaces on either side of the email.
  • Use hide this column to not include a field found in your .csv file

CSV troubleshooting

  • Check that you do not have any blank rows
  • Incorrect email formatting will be highlighted in red and will not be imported. 

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