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Sometimes specific teams handle sensitive information, and you don't want these requests to be seen by the whole organization. This is why atSpoke offers the ability to make a team private. 

This is best when used in conjunction with "Invite-only teams" which require users to be invited to a team, before allowing them to review requests. More information can be found here.

Create a new private team

To create a private team from scratch, start by building the team with the + button on bottom right of the teams page.

​As you create the new team, navigate to the Settings Section and turn on ​the toggle next to request privacy on, select Save team.

Once the option to have incoming requests private is turned on, only team members will be able to work on those requests. You can turn the option to off at any time from the settings in the team.

If you would like all requests in the unassigned folder to by default be private, check out our article on Request Privacy here

Making an existing team private

To make an existing team private, navigate to the teams tab on the left, then select the team you'd like to make private

Once in the team you'd like to make private, select '...' From the menu select Edit Team.

Scroll down to 'settings' and make sure the toggle next to "Request Privacy" is turned on.

You've made your team private. Now you can answer the most sensitive of requests!

Once you make your team private, we'll retroactively mark all existing requests (open, pending, locked, done) private as well. Notifications for any open and pending requests will be sent to make users aware that request visibility has changed.

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