How to: make a private request

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"As a user, I want to know that my data is secure. The questions I ask HR are personal, and I don't want them viewed by other people. How do I ask atSpoke questions privately?"

Private requests in Slack

In Slack, DM @atSpoke so that your request isn't shown in the channel.

Once you've entered your request, use the "Edit" button. Here, choose the correct team for your request, and choose the visibility level.

  • Choose a team to handle your request
  • Choose a request type if applicable
  • Who should be assigned to the request
  • Who can see the request - use this field to choose whether the request is kept private, or visible to the whole company.

Private requests in the web app

From any page in the atSpoke web app, use the request bar at the top of the page to create a request. If the request is sensitive, and specific to you, simply enter a generic title to begin.

Click the Eye-icon to make sure the request is private. Then select "Yes, File a new request."

This will open the expanded request view. If the request you are viewing is private, you will see an icon in the top bar.

If you need to change the visibility of this request, select the "..." to reveal more options.

  • If you see "Make Public" in the menu, this request is set to private.
  • If you see "Make Private" in the menu, this request is set to public.

Now, the request you've created are listed as private. This means they are only viewable by the people answering the request. In this case, the HR team. Happy Spoking!

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