How we bill

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Standard Plan

Plus Plan

Enterprise Plan

$2 per employee, per month

Billed annually

$3 per employee, per month

Billed annually

Annual contracts begin at $3600/year, which includes support
 for 150 employees in Standard or 100 employees in Plus

How are invoices calculated?

Annual contracts allow you to pre-pay for an estimated number of invited users for the upcoming 12-month period. Fees for the year will be based on the contracted number of users.

Annual contracts renew automatically 12 months after the last day of your contract term (or free trial), unless you cancel or we agree on new terms. At that time, the terms of your contract will be renewed at the rate and contracted number of invited employees you selected the prior year. If you have invited more users than the contracted amount, your contract will renew at the number of actual users.

Cancellations to your annual contract will not take effect until the end of the contract year, because the year has been paid up front. Feel free to continue using atSpoke during that time. You may cancel your contract by reaching out to us at


Because you pre-pay for the year, any users added over the negotiated number of seats will incur an overage fee for the full price of the seat in your plan.


How do you count invited employees?

We count the total number of employees that were invited to use atSpoke during a given billing period. If you start the billing period with 150 employees, delete 5 and invite 5 new employees, we consider that to be 150 employees for such billing period.

I deleted 10 employees, what happens next?

Those 10 employees count towards invited employees during the billing period that you deleted them. Because they were present during part of that billing period, these employees are therefore part of the subscription cost for that period.

What payment types do you accept ?

We're happy to accept all major credit cards; Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. If none of these work for your company, please reach out to discuss different payment options.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Firstly, we'd be sad to see you go—do reach out to us beforehand and we'd love to find a way to make atSpoke work for your team and your budget.

That said, when you request to cancel your subscription, it will take effect at the end of the billing period (which you've already paid for). At that time, we'll also settle any overage charges based on new invited employees during that billing period.

Please note: You will not be able to add employees after you set your subscription to cancel.

What happens when I upgrade my pricing plan?

If you upgrade your pricing plan (e.g. from Standard to Plus), you will gain access to your upgraded pricing plan's features right away.

Starting with the next invoice, you will be billed based on this upgraded pricing plan.

If you invite new employees before your current billing period ends, those new employees will be charged at this new upgraded price.

What happens when I downgrade my pricing plan?

If you downgrade your plan (e.g. from Plus to Standard), you will lose access to the features of your current plan, right away.

Starting with your next invoice, you will be billed based on this downgraded pricing plan. If you invite new employees before your current billing period ends, those new employees will be charged at this new downgraded price

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