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Do you use Lever for your company applicant tracking? Below are 5 frequently asked questions that you can add as a Text KB article.

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Title: Secret note on Lever 

Description: When adding a note to the candidate's profile, you can choose to make that note secret by clicking on the toggle in the lower left hand corner of the note creation text box

When you make a note secret, that note will only be visible to:

  • Users who are @-tagged 
  • Users who have full Sensitive Information privileges
  • Users who have Sensitive Information privileges for the job posting(s) that the candidate is associated with
  • Users who have Sensitive Information privileges for the job posting's Departments, Teams and Locations
  • Users who have been granted one-off access via the “+ Add user” button

Keywords: Leave a note, internal note, secret, for select people  

Title: Schedule interview on Lever 


  1. Once on the candidate's profile, select the schedule button 
  2. Select a date 
  3. Add colleagues who will interview the candidate 

Note: If there is a default interview flow/kit associated with a posting, the default interview slots and feedback will automatically populate. However, forms can be added or removed after the default forms have been added.

Keywords: Google calendar integration, schedule interview on Lever, interviewing candidate, scheduling tool

Title: Create interview kit 


  1. Select Posting 
  2. Click Interview Process tab 
  3. Select the form that will be the default for any candidate for that job posting, if you have multiple interviewers you can add a from for them here
  4. When scheduling an interview for any candidate in this job 

Keywords: Create interview panel, interview kit, pre-made interview form, adding kits,  job postings

Title: Email/Calendar on Lever not working 


  1.  Go to settings 
  2.  Uncheck all three Permissions boxes (Contacts, Calendar, Email)
  3.  Click Save 
  4.  Re-check all three Permissions boxes
  5.  Click Save 
  6.  Re-authenticate your permissions 

Keywords: Issues with Lever, emails not sending, calendar invite not working, error messages

Title: Add candidate 


  1. At the top of your screen click Add candidate 
  2. Choose to manually add a candidate or a referral 

Note: Manually will create a blank page for you to fill out, referral will redirect to referral page
     3. Enter details 
     4. Click Upload Resume 

Keywords: Add new candidate, manually add, referral, insert candidate  

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