Knowledge Metrics Dashboard

Updated 2 years ago by Fazila Malik

Team-level analytics are available in-app for Admins and Team Members on Business and Enterprise plans.

Team-level analytics provide insight into team performance across request resolution and resource utilization. Unlike org-level dashboards, which capture data across all teams, team analytics are filtered by the team selected.

Team-level dashboards can be accessed by going to: Teams > select team > Analytics

Knowledge Metrics

The knowledge metrics dashboard provide insights into resource utilization across your team including:


  • Auto-resolution rate
  • Chat deflection rate
  • Auto-resolution rate trend

Knowledge Snapshot

  • Total number of resources
  • Total number of KBs by creation date
  • Most popular KB resources, all time
  • Recently added KB resources, all time
  • KB resources coming up for review, all time
  • Recently flagged KB resources, all time

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