Team Performance Dashboard

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The Team Performance Dashboard is available in-app for Team Admins on Business and Enterprise plans.

Team-level analytics provide insight into team performance across request resolution and resource utilization. Unlike org-level dashboards, which capture data across all teams, team analytics are filtered by the team selected.

Team-level dashboards can be accessed by going to: Teams > select team > Analytics

Team performance metrics

The team performance metrics will allow you to understand the satisfaction ratings of the the response service level agreement metrics. Details include the following:

Request Satisfaction

  • Satisfaction %
  • Rating survey completion rate
  • Rating survey breakdown
  • Completed request satisfaction survey detail report


  • First response time
  • Resolution time
  • First response SLA % met vs duration
  • Resolution SLA % met vs. duration
SLA summary
  • SLA breach snapshot
    • First response
    • Resolution

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