How to create a knowledge base resource

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Your knowledge base is where you can store answers to all those common questions so your users can find them easily using atSpoke.

We find that the best way to create knowledge resources is from the request panel. Adding resources when answering requests makes knowledge management a part of your workflow, rather than an additional task.

From the request panel

(The best way)

  1. Beside "Write a reply", click on the attachment icon.
  2. Choose to Upload from my computer, Search all resources, or Add a resource
  3. Choose to "Add a resource" and select Google Drive item, Text, Link, or File. Click Search all resources if you know the answer already exists.
  4. Enter your answer and make sure to add keywords.
  5. Turn on Add this resource to the knowledge base.  (This allows the resource to be available for future use)
  6. Click Add to KB and request.
  7. On your keyboard, press "enter" or the arrow to the right to send the answer to your request.
  8. Click the ✔️ Mark as done on the bottom right to close the request.

Learn why this is the best way

From the Knowledge Base

(Another way)

To start building a KB resource, select the Knowledge tab in the side nav, click the "Add resource" button on the top right to add a text resource or select the down arrow for options

You have four options for which type of KB you'll create: text, link, file, Google Drive resource. If you have integrations set up, they will also appear in this menu.

File all KB resources under the relevant team to teach atSpoke how to best respond to requests.

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