Tracking team metrics

Updated 2 years ago by Andrew White

Now that you're managing requests, be sure to check your metrics regularly to see how you're doing and how to improve. You can find your team metrics by going into the expanded view of any of your teams.

Here are the metrics you can review:

  1. Average resolution: the average amount of time it takes this team to resolve a request from start to finish. 
  2. Average response: the average amount of time it takes this team to respond to a request or additional comments on a request. 
  3. Open requests: how many tickets are currently open vs. how many the team has closed. On the left is what's open, the right has what's been completed.
  4. Auto-resolved: how many requests were solved with KB resources, so nobody needed to respond to the request in the first place. 

From this expanded view you can also see which resources have been used the most from this team's KB, review any open requests and see who is on the team. 

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