Sequential tasks

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Sometimes managing work needs to be done in a particular order because of a dependency or blocker. While collaborating on a request, it can be difficult to keep a pulse on which tasks are ready to start, and which tasks are waiting on others. Sequential Tasks in atSpoke allow you to automate your workflow and notify people on what they need to do at the right time.

Building Sequential Tasks

  1. Navigate to the Teams page from the left sidebar
  2. Select the team that will own the request type (here it is HR & People Ops)
  3. Select Request Types to create or find an existing workflow. For detailed information on building request types click here.
  4. For an existing workflow select Edit.

When in the Request Type Edit Window you can add and manage tasks.

Click on the three dots "..." to the right of the task. A menu will open.

Select Make dependent. A modal will open for you to select which task this is dependent on. Click what needs to be completed before this task and Save.

Once the dependency is identified there will be an icon listed next to that task.

Completing Sequential Tasks

Now that a certain task is indicated as dependent on another task, you will not be able mark it as done until the dependencies are completed. Utilizing sequential tasks will make it easier to manage your workflows more efficiently.

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