Deleting a team

Updated 1 year ago by Andrew White

If a team in your atSpoke no longer fulfills the tasks you needed it for, you can always delete it. Choosing to delete a team means no new incoming requests will be assigned to that team in the future. 

How to delete

First open the team you would like to delete, and select the "..."

From the menu, select Delete Team.

Confirm that you'd like to delete this team.

What happens when I delete a team?

All Team Stats will be gone

The data this team has gathered for average resolution, auto-resolved rate, will be erased and cannot be retrieved once the team is deleted. The team also cannot be revived.

The KB resources assigned to that team will be unassigned

The KB resources that have been built for that team will need to be reassigned manually to the remaining teams. Otherwise, these resources will remain in the knowledge base as unassigned.

Requests will no longer be assigned to the deleted team

If a request comes in that would have been assigned to the deleted team, and no other suitable teams are created, the request will likely go to unassigned.

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