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Creating a request in the web app is as easy as asking a question.

To begin, navigate to the request bar at the top of any screen in the web app.

Enter a question into the request bar and press "Enter."

atSpoke will reply with a knowledge base resource, if an existing resource answers the question.

If there isn't a knowledge base resource available, atSpoke will find someone to help. Select "Yes, file a new request."

Expanded request view

Selecting "Yes, file a new request" will open the expanded request view of your request. In the expanded request view, you can see important details related to your request.

  1. Click the request title to change the title of the request
  2. Which expert is handling the request. )Click the down arrow to change experts
  3. Which team is reviewing your request click the down arrow to change teams
  4. The type of request you've made click the dropdown to change type
  5. Who is following this request (use + to add followers or @mention)

Actions in expanded request view

There are a number of actions that can be taken from this view. Begin by selecting the "..." in the top right of the request.

  • Change the privacy of the request: Make private, or make Public, depending on current settings.
  • Change the priority of the request; increase or decrease the priority.
  • Delete the request.

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