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Do you use Small Improvements for your company benefits and payroll? Below are 5 frequently asked questions that you can add as a Text KB article.

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Title: Objectives Privacy 

Public: Shared with everyone in the organization.

Protected: Only visible to you and your manager (and their manager), or any other employee you designate. 

Private: Only visible to yourself

Note: You can edit visibility settings after you’ve created your objective

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Title: Praise 

  1. Use Global create button or use Praise tab from nav menu 
  2. Select Badge 
  3. Select Colleague 
  4. Enter your praise 

Keywords: giving praise to coworkers, how do I give props, props, praise, Small Improvements 

Title: Setting up 1:1 meetings 


  1. Click +Create in the navigation bar and select '1:1 Meeting'
  2. Choose the other participant using search, or directly in your 1:1 Meeting home page
  3. Once a co-worker is selected, you'll be redirect to the 1:1 Meetings page between you and them. 

Keywords: Set up meetings, 1:1, manager 

Title: Create/share private note 

  1. Click the global create button from anywhere within the application 
  2. Choose who the note is about 
  3. Choose to either keep the note private or share with a specific team member 
  4. Click save note 

Keywords: Private note, share private note, how to create, Small Improvements 

Title: Chrome Integration 


  1. Navigate to settings page
  2. Click Add Chrome 
  3. Next you’ll be prompted to add Chrome 
  4. Authorize in browser 

Keywords: Chrome, google integration, setup google, integration with Small Improvements 

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