Task due dates

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Many company projects involve tasks that are time-sensitive and have a deadline. For example, in the case of onboarding or offboarding employees, tasks need to be finished in a certain time frame. Due dates will make sure tasks are completed on time.

Adding due dates to a Request Type

When in the Request Type Edit Window you can add and manage tasks.

Click on the three dots "..." to the right of the task. A menu will open.

A modal will open up for you to select a timeframe for when the task should be completed after the request is created. Click Save.

Adding due dates to an open request

In the expanded view of an open requests you can view the list of tasks that need to be completed.

  1. Click the downward carrot next to No due date
  2. Choose an option from the dropdown, or select Custom to open the date picker.
  3. Click the desired due date for the task, the calendar will minimize.
  4. The due date will now be updated


Users will be notified when they are assigned to a task and the due date. Additional notifications will be sent the day before, on the day of, and if a task is overdue. Reminders will be sent via email or slack depending on the users notification settings.

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