Sent requests

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Sometimes you'll need to add more details to your request, or just want to check in on how things are moving along. Use the Sent tab to review any requests you've created.

Reviewing requests in Sent

Click 'Sent' to enter the Sent request view in atSpoke's web interface. Next, select the specific request you'd like to check.


In the expanded request view you'll see which expert is handling the issue. Below, you'll see which team is assigned to the request.

If you need to add a reply, use the "Write a reply" bar on the bottom of the screen. New information will cause atSpoke to notify the assigned agent about an update to the request.  

By selecting the three dots in the top right of the expanded ticket, you can delete your request, or choose to make it private.

Notice the bottom left of the screen confirms the priority setting of the request has been changed.

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